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Top 3 Heavy Duty Trampolines (Best Picks for Heavy Adults and Demanding Sports)

Posted by Nolan Harris on June 20, 2019

Heavy duty is a rare term when describing standard trampolines. Just as its meaning suggests, tramps that are fit to have this term in their description are engineered to withstand regular stresses of demanding use for a long time.

Of course, most of the best heavy duty trampoline in 2019 will set you back a close to or even over a grand. But on the upside, the materials used for these models make them the most durable trampolines so you’ll spend a lot less on replacement parts. In addition, they also boast amazingly high weight limits (actually, some have infinite weight capacities) and also offer high levels of safety. If safety, durability, and high weight limit are your major concerns, here are 3 strong trampolines that we believe are going to exceed your expectations.

1. Acon Trampoline Air 16 Sport HD

  • Our rating: 5
  • Price: $$$
  • Max weight: Unlimited
  • Available sizes: 10x17ft

The Acon Air 16 Sport HD hit our mind first when we decided to make this collection of the best heavy duty trampolines in 2019. This model also made it on our other list of the safest trampolines in the world and this simply confirms why it should be in this other list.

Let’s start with what makes it a heavy duty pick- the frame. This rectangular tramp’s frame is among the highest qualities that we’ve come across so far. The tubes used for it are 0.10 inches thick and have a diameter of 2.4 inches. These are amazingly thick poles that we believe can support a significant amount of weight.

And just to make you understand how strong this frame is, the Acon Air 16 Sport HD trampoline has no single user weight limit. Believe me, this means everything, especially when buying a trampoline for the whole family. It basically means that anyone can ride on the tramp regardless of their weight.

The heavy duty trampoline mat used for this model, on the other hand, is just the quality that you’d expect for a trampoline that costs what the Air 16 Sport does. This mat is made of polypropylene(the best material for mats) and has been cross-sewn, not 5 or 6 times, but 10 times for utmost durability and performance.

While this heavy duty rectangle trampoline measures 10’ by 17’, the mat offers a jumping surface of approx. 15’ by 8’. Couple this usable surface with the infinite single-user weight limit and you get one of the best heavy duty exercise trampolines that money can buy.

Rectangular trampolines are known for being the bounciest. But the number and length of the springs also matter a big deal. Acon understands this better and uses 140 10’’ heavy-duty springs for this tramp. Again, this is the highest number of springs that we’ve seen on a trampoline this size (most competitor brands use 6.5’’-7.5’’).

The safety of the jumper has also been well taken care of here thanks to the 7.3ft high enclosure netwith multiple entrances/exits and a 1.2-inch thick spring pad.

Need I say anything about its durability? This trampoline’s frame and enclosure poles that have been galvanized inside out to resist rusting and the UV-treated mat mean that you can leave it erected in your backyard throughout the year.

You’ll need a few hours plus some muscles to put it up. The package includes a spring pulling tool to make this process a little bit easy. Worth mentioning, however, is that this tramp is quite heavy at approximately 420 pounds. So, it’s important that you set it up right where you plan to use it since moving it around might be very hectic.


  •  Construction is phenomenal
  •  Infinite single-user weight limit
  •  Rust-free
  •  Lots of bounce


  •  It’s pricey

2. SkyBound Stratos

  • Our rating: 4.8
  • Price: $$$
  • Max weight: 330lb
  • Available sizes: 12ft, 14ft, 15ft

As I hinted earlier on, the best sturdy trampolines cost a pretty penny, and the Acon Air 16 HD Sports just confirmed that.

But the shape of the tramp has a hand in the price, of course, since rectangular trampolines are generally the priciest.

If you are looking for a high-quality heavy duty tramp without going over the one grand mark, a round-shaped model such as the Skybound Stratos might be a good bet.

The tramp that we are looking at here is the 15-foot size tramp, but you could also get it in 14-foot or 12-foot depending on your budget and space availability.

Besides its eye-catching and attractive design, the Stratos does tick a lot of boxes in regard to heavy duty construction. Its frame, for instance, is made of 0.05’’ thick tube.

While this is notably thinner than what Acon uses for its Air 16, we found it adequate for the 330-pound manufacturer’s recommended single-user weight limit. The fact that it comes with a 10-year warranty from the manufacturer is an assurance of the high-quality construction.

The enclosure net is made of high-density polyethylene and has been UV-treated for durability. In regard to the mat, the manufacturer states that it has been visually inspected for any imperfections to ensure durability and safety.

The Skybound Stratos is also very bouncy thanks to the 108 8.5’’ springs.


  •  Easy to assemble
  •  Impressive design
  •  High weight limit
  •  Good amount of bounce


  •  Instructions could be clearer

3. Kidwise Magic Circle Octogon Trampoline

  • Our rating: 4.9
  • Price: $$$
  • Max weight: 450lb
  • Available sizes: 16ft

Our next pick for the best heavy duty trampoline for adults is from a brand that you might not have heard of before. But don’t underestimate its performance just yet.

The first feature that gives it its competitive edge against well-known brands is its 450-pound (250kgs) weight limit. Most brands will only guarantee your safety at 200-250lbs and this proves how strong the Kidwise Magic Circle can be.

This high weight limit attracted our attention to the frame and mat and to be totally honest with you, we weren’t surprised to find out that it is constructed with 14-gauge galvanized steel and has a diameter of 1.9 inches. The mat, on the other hand, has been cross-sewn 6 times and UV-treated to withstand years of jump.

Similar to other trampolines here, this 16-foot model is also amazingly bouncy thanks to its great mix of octagon shape and 112 heavy-duty 8.5’’ springs.


  •  Enormous jumping surface
  •  High weight limit
  •  Easy to assemble


  •  Enclosure net sold separately (highly recommended)


So, what’s the best heavy duty trampoline in 2019? The Acon Air 16 took our first slot here with its 2.4-inch wide and 0.10-inch thick frame and legs and heavy-duty trampoline springs that can withstand any single jumper’s weight.

If you are not willing to shell out close to 2 grand for the Air 16, the Kidwise Magic Circle with its 450-pound weight capacity and the Skybound Stratos are 2 other highly recommendable options for the best heavy duty trampolines for adults.

If affordability is your major concern, the Skybounce 14ft Rectangle trampoline might fit the bill. Check out the weight limit though!