Steel City Jump Park

Indoor Trampoline Park in Birmingham, Alabama



The purpose of these guidelines is to establish standard procedures for administering the policy and to ensurefairness in the letting of the facility.


Due to the high demand for our parties, reservations are taken on a first come, first serve basis. A minimum of 10 jumpers isconsidered a party. To secure a date, a signed Party Rental agreement and a 50% non refundable deposit is required. The party willnot be confirmed until we have received both of the requirements. If your party arrives with less than the booked number ofchildren, you will still be responsible for the party package reserved. Additional guest will be an extra charge of $10.00.Cancellations must be made at least 14 days in advance of the scheduled event in order to obtain your depositrefund. Cancellations made less that 14 will forfeit any and all payments made. In the event of weather or uncontrollable relatedcancellations you will be allowed to reschedule or cancel.


A 50% non refundable deposit is required to reserve the party time/room. Final remaining balance is due at check in on thescheduled event date. All additional fees should be paid at the end of the scheduled event time, before you leave, or you give SteelCity Jump Park authorization to charge your card on file or hold your license.


Party host assumes full and exclusive responsibility for the safety of the persons and property of all invitees or group. Parents are tosupervise their child/children at all times. We reserve the right to stop/cancel any party or evict anyone who does not conductthemselves in a safe manner or does not comply to the rules of Steel City Jump Park. We encourage all visitors to play in peaceand be good citizens by keeping Steel City Jump Park running smoothly: Clean up, Cooperate, Help.


Party TimesParties are scheduled for 1 hour and 45 min in the party room. Check in: The start time of your event will be the timefor guest to begin entering the arena or party room after their waiver is verified and an arm band is given. Check Out: At the end ofyour event, breakdown must begin immediately. The allotted time given is 15 minutes to have everything out of the room andcleaned up. We have 15 minute slots between to clean and prepare for the next party. A $50.00 surcharge will be charged for every30 minutes after the allocated time given. No person is allowed on the arena or in the party rooms after the scheduled time is upunless additional time is purchased.


You will be held financially responsible for any damage to Steel City Jump Park property and will be charged per our discretion.This includes the decorations provided. You shall leave all facilities and equipment in the same condition as they were found. Allfinal breakdown and garbage removal shall be provided. Use of birdseed, confetti, chocolate fountains and similar messysubstances are not permitted and you will be subject to an additional cleaning charge if so. No Nails, pins, staples, tape, glue or andother devices that will leave holes or mar the walls.


You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Steel City Jump Park, its agents and employees from and against any claims for(persons or property) damages that arise from the use at our facility. Steel City Jump Park assumes no responsibility for anypersonal property or losses by anyone attending for the scheduled event.

I have read and understand all the above party procedures, requirements, safety rules and agree to abide bythem while at Steel City Jump Park.