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How 15 minutes on the Trampoline can change your body?

The current craze is that hopping for 15 minutes on the trampoline can change your body and life. For individuals who haven’t tried it out yet, the common question is ‘does rebounding really work?’ If this is you, let’s share our experience on the health benefits of rebounding and how trampoline workouts can change your body! 

Torches calories and boosts weight loss 

Among the latest findings of the health benefits of rebounding is shedding off excess fat. If you are struggling with belly fat, rebounding on the mini-trampoline at varying intensities could give you a nice boost to your weight loss regimen.

Increases blood circulation for cardiovascular health 

Research findings in a study conducted by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) show that bouncing on a rebounding trampoline for at least 20 minutes is just as good as running for 6 miles in an hour. This increases your heart rate thereby training your body to get more oxygen and blood moving to the working muscles. 

Improved lymphatic circulation 

A mini trampoline workout may not be as good as a full detoxification regimen. However, the few seconds of weightlessness that results from jumping above the average G forces boost the removal of toxins from the body. 

Improves balance, and coordination 

Other benefits of rebounding include improved balance and coordination. Balance is what makes it possible to stay in total control of your body. Coordination, on the other hand, makes it possible to move several body parts smoothly and efficiently. Bouncing on a trampoline offers these benefits since you have to jump up and down in one place while coordinating your arms’ and legs’ actions.

Increases bone density 

Trampoline exercises mainly involve making repeated bounces. This puts your bones under a small level of stress that enables them to build themselves up as a way of coping up. 

Reduces stress level 

Are you always left with high levels of stress after a long day at work? A rebounder might help. Several study results show that a short session of trampoline workout leaves an individual feeling less jittery and with improved mood. Also, it improves alertness and a feeling of relaxation. 

Slows down the aging process 

In addition to other health benefits of rebounding, a mini trampoline is known to slow down the aging process. Experts agree that aging is caused by loss of strength and this emanates from disuse of muscles and reduced bone mass. This loss can be reversed by engaging in regular rebounding exercises.

Last words 

Having a small trampoline is like having a gym at home only that it does not require a lot of space. It’s a great tool for the entire family too. But perhaps its key strength is that unlike other types of cardiovascular exercises, fitness trampoline workouts have a low impact on your joints and won’t jolt your system. Having seen how 15 minutes on the trampoline can change your body, the next question is how to work out on the rebounder. Check out our other article on effective trampoline exercises to add to your workout regimen.